Tuesday, June 18, 2024 
Recombinations is a small-time, extremely focused record label, not unlike the radio show which inspired it. Some Assembly Required has been focused on works of appropriation-based sound collage since its debut in 1999. Recombinations is focused on putting out challenging, imaginative and creative works of collage, based on fragments of previously released sound.

For more information about Some Assembly Required, visit the official website:

Recombinations is in concert with Illegal Art, in an attempt to get even more attention for Recombinations artists. Our first official co-release with Illegal Art ("September 10" by Lecture On Nothing) is available exclusively through the illegalart.net Download Club. Check it out HERE. Our online mailorder accepts credit card purchases, and we can fulfill orders via U.S.mail with check or money order. Distributors and stores please write for prices and availability.

Attention sound collage artists: We're small and we're broke, so please continue to submit your material for airplay, but understand that we don't intend to be releasing new records on a steady basis. Thanks for listening!


Recombinations is a division of PostConsumerProductions.com